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At Beacon International School, we foster an exciting, interactive and analytical approach to learning. Drawing on the strengths of both the Ghanaian and English national curricula, our pupils are given an international perspective as well as an appreciation of the beauty and potential in Ghanaian culture. Our Christian foundations underpin the ethos of the school and help to cultivate a welcoming and friendly environment. Both Ghanaians and children of other nationalities can benefit from the family atmosphere, and a strong sense of identity and belonging. We aim to bring out the best in all our pupils, and equip and prepare them for their lives in the future. Our values are:
● Discipleship and Character Development
We aim to impart strong Christian values to the children under our care; demonstrating that the Christian values of honesty, integrity, and respect for others are as important as academic success.
● Submission and Obedience
We strive to teach children obedience and submission to authority without the use of corporal punishment in the classroom. We aim to create a learning environment that motivates, inspires and energises children to choose to do the right thing for the joy of it, rather than for fear of punishment.
● Creativity and Analytical Skills
Pupils in the school learn through a variety of creative means, both in discussion with their teachers and in interaction with their peers. The emphasis is not so much on memorising information, but on equipping children to understand, analyse and apply what they have learnt.
● Holistic Education
We believe that to be effective, a child’s education in the 21st century must address the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual needs of each individual. Sports, music, art and co-curricular activities therefore form an important part of the life of the school.

● Relevance to Global Society
We want our pupils to be locally relevant but globally aware. It is our desire that our pupils be equipped

for further studies both in Ghana and abroad.
● Partnerships
We believe that a healthy relationship between the school and the parents is an ideal foundation for a strong and healthy school. Beacon School is therefore in partnership with the parents of the school and with our friends around the world.
● Family
At Beacon School, we value a sense of ‘family’ between teachers and pupils, amongst the pupils themselves and with parents and extended family. Such an atmosphere of family we believe, offers children a sense of security, love, care, and discipline that facilitates training and transformational change in their lives.


Beacon School welcomes children of all ethnic, religious, national and socio-economic backgrounds. The school respects the preferences of parents and pupils; it should be understood, however, that biblical values are…

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News and Events

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Beacon School is a private, international, Christian basic school registered under Ghana Education Service of the Ministry of Education. We offer a combination of Ghana Education Service curriculum and the…

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Local Community – Aburi

THE ORIGINS OF ABURI The aboriginal settler at Aburi on the Akuapem ridge facing the Accra plains was Baabu, head of the Nyago family (of the Agona clan). As time went…

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