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DSC_0125 (1)Beacon School welcomes children of all ethnic, religious, national and socio-economic backgrounds. The school respects the preferences of parents and pupils; it should be understood, however, that biblical values are freely expressed in the school: both in class and at the playground. All pupils participate in all school subjects including biblical discipleship studies, which are intentional, specific and practical.

Children are accepted on the basis of available space and the meeting of age and academic requirements. Parents and guardians are required to complete the application form and submit it with the necessary documents before a decision can be made. The School Management reserves the right to not contact any applicant if the application is denied.

Please note that part of being an international school means class placement is based on age, NOT academic achievement.

Entry Requirements:

  • Student Application Form should be completed in full, and submitted with 2 passport photos and vaccination record.
  • Students who qualify for a place in the school will be required to attend an interview. Primary students will be tested to establish their academic performance. Junior High students will be required to take an entrance examination once they have completed Primary 6, to establish their suitability for the Junior High programme.
  • After admission is granted parents are required to go through an orientation process where the school prospectus is discussed.
  • School fees for the whole term should be paid in full before the start of the term in order to guarantee a place in the school.